16gb iBex SuperPad II - FlyTouch 3 GPS Tablet PC - Android 2.2 Apad - Flash 10.1

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Buy 16gb FlyTouch3 Apad - 10inch Android 2.2 Tablet PC w/ GPS, 3G, Flash10.1, Camera, G-Sensor - 16gb-iBex-SuperPad II

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The iBex Flytouch 3 is an amazing product at an amazing price!

 Latest Version of FT3 -  iBex Flytouch3 / 3G Superpad2! With 16GB NandFlash, upgraded Adobe Flash 10.1 Support, 8000mah Battery and External 3G Broadband support!

iBex Flytouch 3 Intro:

It is hard to differentiate which tablet to buy in this crowded Tablet PC market. The iBex Flytouch 3 / Superpad II is obvious choice.

The iBex Flytouch 3 tablet is the latest is a long line of 10.2" Tablets run the Android 2.2 (Froyo) operating system.

iBex Flytouch 3 Description:

The Flytouch3 has the Android 2.2 Froyo operating system and Flytouch 2 only has Android 2.1.  
The Superpad 2 Android 2.2 - SuperPad only has Android 2.1.

In addition to the Android 2.2 OS this apad tablet out-classes its predecessor by adding 16GB (only around 14gb is avail) of Nandflash compared to 2GB, and 512MB DDR2 instead of 256MB.

Responsive screen and performance of the Superpad 2 is backed up with a very stable ROM build. There is also no need for the annoying registration number that had to be entered with the FlyTouch 2. 

Lastly, the iBex Flytouch 3 Superpad2 has a Lithium-ion battery with a larger capacity than any other aPad before. With a whopping 8000 mah of juice to consume over a period of up to 6 hours! I know sometimes these types of statistic concerning battery life rarely meet up to expectations so I gave the tablet a good long charge and then got cosy on my sofa and had a marathon session of Angry Birds Seasons, I played for well over 4 hours before heading to sleep for bedtime and then the next day there was still roughly a 30% charge indicated on the battery level. 

iBex Flytouch3 - Superpad 2 Features & Specs:

- Android 2.2 Froyo OS 
- Built-in GPS Navigation chipset + GPS Antenna, included but for optional use in lower satellite reception areas 
- TF Card Slot, support up to 32GB
- Ethernet UTP NIC Port 
- Dual USB Ports, suitable for using one for an external Keyboard case
- Larger battery for extended usage time 8000 mAh
- Built-in web video ap for browsing You Tube and other online web video Applications for browsing online videos
- Android Market Pre-installed and ready to run
- 1.3MP Web Camera

iBex Superpad 2 / Android 2.2 FlyTouch3 GPS Tablet PC Specs:
  • CPU: InfoTM X200 ARM11 1Ghz (aka X220)
  • Display: 10-inch (1024?600 ) LCD
  • RAM: 512MB DDR2 / ROM: 16GB - Note: only 14GB is available for use as 2gb of storage memory is used for O/S, Apps, and GPS. 4gb is in the SD Card part under settings, and 10GB+ is in the "My Pad" icon on desktop.
  • Battery: 8000mah - use up to 6 hours!
  • Camera: 1.3M
  • Headphones Connector
  • GPS: HopeRF XN203
  • Wifi: 802.11B/G
  • I\O: 2x USB; 1x RJ45; 1x HDMI; 1x Stylus-slot
  • Vibration
  • Accelerometer
  • Dimension: 269.91mm*170.45mm*14.89mm
  • Buttons: Back, Home, Menu, Volume, Wifi, Reset and Power
While the iBex Brand is a relatively new one, the iBex Flytouch 3 has the highest specifications for their price range. In addition iBex Tablets use the highest quality components. Rest assured when you buy the iBex brand - all units are stringently quality tested before shipping. Lastly, iBex provides after sales support via the forum.

Support for the iBex Flytouch3 / Superpad2 can be found here:


iBex Tablet PC Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: How much does it cost to ship this tablet to NYC / UK / Australia / Europe?


A: Free! All items on ChinaGrabber include free shipping. The per unit price you see is the price you pay there are no hiddens charges or fees. Delivery takes 9-14 days on average. Express delivery is available for $30 extra.


Q: Can you declare Item as a gift and mark a low value of $25?


A: Sure, we can. We usually do mark as a gift and write a lower value so will not need to worry about taxes. If you have specific instructions please write them in the order notes section during checkout.


Q: Is this an Original / Genuine iBex Tablet?

A: Yes, ChinaGrabber is an Authorized resellers of authentic iBex tablets do not clones from competitors there are many fake Flytouch3, etc tablet out there so if you do not see the packaging in the listing, be sure to see packaging.


Q: Is the battery really _000mah?


A: Yes, our battery specifications are accurate. For example, If the listing says the tablet has a 8000mah, the tablet you receive will have a 8000mah battery.


Q: What is the warranty on this Tablet?


A: We stringently QC tablets when they arrive to us and before we ship out. If your tablet has an issue you can send it back to us within a year (customer is responsible for shipping item back to us) and we will either replace or repair your tablet (depending on condition of it) and re-ship it back to you.


Q: Do you also sell wholesale?


A: Yes, we do! If you are an wholesaler, email us the tablet model, quantity you would like to order and we will send you quote / payment request. Email: IG8LIMITED@YAHOO.COM


Q: How can I pay?


A: We accept Paypal or Credit cards for retail orders and Western Union or Bank Wire transfers for Wholesale Orders.


Q: I am having problems checking out using Paypal / Credit card. How can I complete my order?


A: Please contact us at IG8LIMITED@YAHOO.COM  and we will send you a Payment request 99% of people who write asking for payment request can complete their order this way.


Lastly, tablets are support on the forum. You can ask pre-sales / after sales questions there.


Good luck with your Tablet! We look forward to processing your order!

- GadgetGreats Team

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